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Illustration by Narano / animated by Live2D Creative Studio

What is “alive”?

“alive” is an annual event for all things Live2D. Creators come together to share their techniques and passion. The 10th-anniversary event features the latest in Live2D, with presentations and exhibitions by industry leaders and professionals. Offline events are back, and all are welcome. See you there!

alive 2023 themeOriginality

While technology has made remarkable progress in recent years, we hope that this year’s “alive” will make people strongly realize that “creators’ originality is what will create tomorrow”. The speakers and exhibitors will be top creators who have carved out the future with their originality. The meaning of this event is to support the success of Live2D users by sharing their knowledge and passion.

Come to the venue!

“alive” brings together a diverse community of designers, programmers, and students.



At ‘alive,’ you’ll find exhibition booths where companies related to Live2D come together to share knowledge and techniques. Additionally, there’s a Creator’s Market hosted by professional Live2D creators. You might just discover the ‘role model’ you aspire to be.

Meet fellow creators!

Meet fellow creators!

PARTY with like-minded creators! (Ticket Required)
Whether it’s for work or hobbies, having a ‘community’ is essential in any endeavor. With hundreds of attendees at ‘alive,’ you’re bound to meet like-minded individuals who share your passions and challenges.



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Room A [Venue: Gallery]

Room B [Venue: NEXT2]

Expo Booth

Video Showcase & Individual Conversationf4samurai, Inc.

Video Showcase & Individual Conversation

Among the titles developed by f4samurai, "Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion: Lost Stories" and "Magia Records: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Gaiden" will be on display.
In addition, for those who are thinking of changing jobs or students who are aiming to enter the game industry, we will provide a place for job consultations with personnel (portfolio corrections will also be available).
We look forward to seeing you at our booth.

Booth: a-1

Introduction of video production achievementsICREA Inc.

Introduction of video production achievements

Adobe® After Effects®software×Live2D Cubism Video Production Achievements

Booth: a-2

Winking Studios’ 2D animation works in art outsourcingWinking Studios

Winking Studios’ 2D animation works in art outsourcing

Winking Studios is one of the largest Art Outsourcing and Game Development studios over Asia, home to the most talented artists and designers. Currently, Winking Studios has over 700 employees throughout Singapore, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Taipei. Clients of our Art Outsourcing and Game Development services include 19 of the top 25 game publishers around the globe.

Booth: a-3

Live2D Cubism ShowcaseLive2D Inc./CubismG

Live2D Cubism Showcase

Showcases the life-size panel application “Become an idol with motion-sync!” and a pop-up 3D expression application that anyone can easily create using the Cubism SDK and self-made devices.
In addition, new features of Cubism 5.0 and AE plugin will be introduced with videos.

Booth: a-4

Live2D Official Face-tracking Application “nizima LIVE” Exhibitednizima LIVE

Live2D Official Face-tracking Application “nizima LIVE” Exhibited

You can experience "nizima LIVE", a face-tracking application that maximizes the appeal of Live2D models. nizima LIVE's high tracking accuracy allows you to reproduce the movements of Live2D Cubism. In addition, we will be distributing flyers with nizima LIVE coupons at the booth (limited quantities)! (Limited quantity) If you are at all interested in nizima LIVE, please stop by and take advantage of this opportunity.
If you are interested in our products, please stop by and see us at this opportunity! We are looking forward to hearing your requests and suggestions! Our staff is looking forward to hearing from you.

Booth: a-5

Live2D Creative Studio/Live2D JUKULive2D Creative Studio

Live2D Creative Studio/Live2D JUKU

Introduction of Live2D Creative Studio production results and Live2D JUKU

Booth: a-6

Expectations for Live2D expression in industry-academia collaboration projectsKYOTO INSTITUTE OF DESIGN

Expectations for Live2D expression in industry-academia collaboration projects

Two promotional videos produced in class were exhibited as an industry-academia collaboration project.
Upon request from a company, we proposed an idea to solve a problem and produced a promotional video as the final output.
(1) Municipality Support Donation PR Character Video
 The client municipality had an issue on how to promote their hometown tax payment to a wider audience. As one of the appeal methods, we produced a promotional video using a Vtuber. The students created several Vtubers using Live2D and received critiques on the characters from the client, which led to the brush-up of the characters.
Using the Vtubers, the students created a video for public release on Youtube that combined materials provided by the local government.

(2) Fashion brand ""Firefighter Spirit"" ambassador Vtuber production
 The brand ""Fire extinguisher soul"" has collaborated with a number of animations and has developed various products. However, they had long considered the development of original IP to be an issue.
 As a solution, they asked us to design characters for them. Many character proposals were received from students, and a character named ""Mato, Tama"" was born. In addition, Live2D modeling and voice actor auditions were planned and conducted to debut this character as a Vtuber ambassador of the fire extinguisher soul. In collaboration with Kyoto University of Arts, the affiliated school of Kyoto University of the Arts, the screening of voice actor candidates was held at the Kyoto International Manga and Anime Fair (KIMAFU) exhibition hall, and the character was officially selected as a Vtuber of ""Firefighter Soul,"" and the video is being distributed as brand promotion.
▼The Soul of Firefighter
▼Kyoto University of Arts

Booth: a-7

The Career Support Department of Toyo Institute of Art and DesignToyo Institute of Art and Design

The Career Support Department of Toyo Institute of Art and Design

We would like to provide an introduction to Toyo Institute of Art and Design and offer guidance on career support for students in the 2024 academic year and beyond. Please feel free to visit us.

Booth: a-8

nizima presents Creator Market β

Creator Market β

Discover Live2D Models in person at the Creator Market β!

Live2D creators will be exhibiting their live Live2D models at the booth. This is a chance to hear directly from the creators on site about their Live2D models and their favorite.We look forward to seeing you there.

Participating Creators

Venue Map

Venue Map

Creative Awards
2023 Ceremony

Live2D Creative Awards 2023

from December 1, 2023 (Friday) 11:10~ AM JST

Announcing the winners of the annual ‘Live2D Creative Awards’ competition.

Live2D Creative Awards 2023 Website

Event Outline

Hosted by
Live2D Inc.
December 1, 2023 (Friday)
10:30 AM – 8:40 PM (JST), Doors open at 10:00 AM
Akihabara UDX, Tokyo
Participation Limit
500 attendees
Participation Fee
Conference Only: ¥1,000
Conference + PARTY: ¥4,000
Online Streaming: Free
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Screening of Sessions in 2 Venues, Awards Nominees Presentation, Booth Exhibitions, PARTY

How to Participate in ”alive”

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*Until 11/26(Sun) 23:59(JST)

Offline Event
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YouTube Venue
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Akihabara UDX Gallery, Tokyo (2 minutes on foot from JR Akihabara st.)