Lightning Session 2 by Live2D Users

Lightning Session 2 by Live2D Users

LeeAnZelo / Kamilet / Red Soda

Room B [Venue: NEXT2]14:55 - 15:20

This is a short session of about 10 minutes per person by Live2D users.

■Five years
Speaker : LeeAnZelo @
Zelo originally worked for a start-up company. After the company collapsed, she embarked on the road of freelance. At first, Zelo only made a living by painting, but later learned Live2D production...

■The last missing piece of the puzzle! How has Live2D been enhancing my creativity!
Speaker : Kamilet @
Talk about how Live2D helps me combine multiple skills to improve my creative ability and colorize my leisure time.

■Development of the educational business that allows Live2D beginners to become professionals as sooner as possible
Speaker : Red Soda @
This presentation will provide background on the development and provision of the Live2D educational program and an overview of the actual program.

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