Lightning Session 1 by Live2D Users

Lightning Session 1 by Live2D Users

Syafire / Xiaojian,Xiaobai

Room B [Venue: NEXT2]13:35 - 13:55

This is a short session of about 10 minutes per person by Live2D users.

■Live2D and VTubing
Speaker : Syafire @
- Intro and background to who I am and How I got into Live2D
- Why Live2D Is so important and essential for VTubers and VTuber Artists as a career
- Why Live2D Will continue to carve the future for 2D Animation for Creators/VTubers

Speaker : cillia

■The Current State of Live2D Animators in the Chinese Gaming Industry
Speakers : Xiaojian,Xiaobai
Many people may be concerned about the employment prospects in the Live2D industry. For example, is there a promising future for learning Live2D? What are the future directions? How is the current development status of the industry? Many people have similar concerns. We had similar concerns in the beginning as well. Since Live2D was first applied in mobile games, we have been working in related Live2D animation positions for about 6 years now. We have witnessed the development of Live2D in the gaming industry. Today, we'd like to have a casual chat with all of you and discuss the application and current situation of Live2D in the gaming industry.

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